“This ‘new dimension in creative play’ takes children to the edge of outer space and back through a medley of sounds, voices, and music.  Rather than a conventional narrative, the production is purposefully spare with description, giving children the opportunity to imagine what a spaceship, aliens, and a distant planet might look like...  Children are encouraged to blast off, soar through space, fall into deep sleep, and explore alien worlds.  This is a wonderful production that shows how sound and music alone can create a fun and imaginative voyage.”
- AudioFile


“This concept in children’s entertainment is really special and unique and allows children to participate in the act of story telling.  [It] guides listeners using narration, however the specific visual details of the characters and scenery you encounter are left open ended.  Dramatic music enhances the experience and provides constantly changing emotional tones.  What’s great about these productions is that children can listen to the stories multiple times and visualize a different tale.  I hope to listen to more of these ground breaking multi-media productions in the future.”
-- Jessica Teel, The Children’s Corner

“Wow!  What a production!  You certainly don't see (hear) this kind of children's audio material any more.  The fact that you have produced these stories from the point of view of the child is most admirable and intelligent.”
-- Peter Muldavin, author of  “The Complete Guide To Vintage Children's Records.”

“Fun audio for children.”
-- AudioBook News Service

“Wonderful CDs.  The music is appropriate and dramatic all the way through.  There are some really lovely melodies.”
-- Stephen Douglas Burton, Professor Emeritus and Heritage Chair in Music, George Mason University.Volcano

“I love it more than anything!  It rocks!  It's the best!  It’s a story that you can't see.  You have to imagine it in your head.  It’s fun to use your imagination.”
-- Sierra, age 9

“My kids love listening to them.  They really respond to the musical cues to give them visual information which I find quite interesting.  I am not a fan of computers and video games so this is a really great thing.  I think it would be brilliant for children who have been traumatized to escape into these stories.”
-- Andrea, mother in Victoria, Australia 

“With a child’s imagination, anything is possible!”

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