Mystery Island

A strange island hidden by clouds is home to mutant creatures, sinister scientists, incredible inventions, and the remnants of a lost civilization.  These are just a few of the amazing experiences you’ll have on this twenty-five minute voyage to a land of unforgettable thrills!

Man in Raft

Comes with an illustrated Creativity Booklet!

Catalog Number:  YIP-1958

   $14.95 + shipping


TRACKS (with MP3 audio samples):

1:            Fanfare & Main Title
Lost at SeaCoverMysteryIsland
4:            Dangerous Waters
5:            Away From the Whirlpool
6:            Under the Ocean
7:            Strange Cavern
8:            Futuristic Factory
9:            Spotted!
10:          On the Transport
11:          Top Secret
12:          Mysterious Laboratory
13:          Escape
14:          Dense Jungle
15:          Large Footprints
16:          The Monster Attacks
17:          Quicksand
18:          Deep River
19:          Creepy-Crawly
20:          Search Boat
21:          Building a Raft
22:          Down River
23:          In Hot Water
24:          Climbing & Ancient Remains
Giant Egg
26:          Playtime
27:          Airship
28:          Spooky Cave
29:          View From the Top
Flying Creature
31:          Hideout
32:          Sneaking Away
33:          Taking Off
34:          Force Field
35:          Dangerous Weapon
36:          Through the Shield
37:          Rescued

“With a child’s imagination, anything is possible!”

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