Nessie Annabella MacSchecter

I am honored to be the official Your Imagination Presents’ mascotHere are some of the reasons why I feel I’m qualified for this most important position:Nessie and Bear

I love children.  I love playing with them, licking them, and just being around them!

I love to eat.  In order to have a healthy body and imagination, you need to eat!

I have a great imagination!  I often imagine myself chasing cats, running after bunnies, and eating.  Especially eating.  I love to imagine myself eating.

I am almost all black except for my pink tongue and white teeth.  So a lot of the time, people have to imagine what I really look like because all they can see is a dark, featureless, rectangular shape.

I am named after “Nessie,” the nickname of the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.  Your Imagination Presents’ adventures have lots of monsters in them, so that makes me a perfect mascot!

I love to play and have fun.  I am presently writing a Your Imagination Presents story just for dogs, called “Journey to the Land of a Million Kitty-Cats With No Trees For Them to Climb.” 

I love to sleep.  In order to be smart, creative, and have a great imagination, you need lots of sleep.  In fact, I sleep so much, I’m probably the smartest, most creative, and most imaginative Scottie on the planet!

Did I mention how much I love to eat?


“With a child’s imagination, anything is possible!”

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